Yo, That's Fresh!
Marty McFly
Adoption > Abortion
Shooting Stars
Child Artist
비 Rain
McFly, You Bozo
Absolution at Calvary
Animal Chin
Bored To Death
La La Land
Seoul Searching
Caballero at Wheels & Waves
Lion of Judah
Mr. Sunshine
Ban This Too - Caballero

The Seven Ply

Skateboards will always be my first love when it comes to the beginning of my freelance art journey. I remember shaping my first 1970's inspired skateboard deck in high school, during which designed my own logos and art pieces onto it. Ever since then, I continued to create artwork onto skateboard decks in new and improved ways.

This is a dedicated album to the skateboard art projects that I have completed since 2010. These skateboard art pieces have been created through a variety of spray paints, stencils, and other artistic methods. If you have any questions or requests for a skateboard art commission, please utilize the Contact form! Thank you!