Identity Numbers & Commodification
Stage 1: Prep
Stage 2: Edit the B&Ws
Stage 3: Drawing The Lines
Stage 4: Organization
Stage 5: Choose Your Tools
Stage 6: Draw As You See It
Stage 7: Reflection
Stage 8: Add lots of Chubbiness
Stage 9: Record Your Mug Shot
Stage 10: Age Makes A Difference
Stage 11: Show Progress
Stage 12: Pay Your Respects
Stage 13: Know The Difference
Stage 14: Comfort Before Realization
Stage 15: We Are Survivors
Stage 16: No Returns Accepted
Stage 17: Are we indebted to someone
Stage 18: You Embody Your Past
Stage 19: Trust is found and built
Stage 20: Express Yourself Honestly
Stage 21: Like A Needle In A Haystac
Stage 22: Celebrate Little Successes
Stage 23: Embrace Your Identity Now
Stage 24: Omma's Choice
Stage 25: A Changing Point of View
Stage 26: Bound by Hidden Knowledge
Stage 27: Return Again
Stage 28: • Camden •
Stage 29: Mixed Identities
Stage 30: Discrediting Stereotypes
Stage 31: • Answers Await Us •
Stage 32: Self Portrait
Stage 33: Go Therefore, My Child
Stage 34: You Are Worthy Of Care
Stage 35: Going The Distance
Stage 36: Redefining Yourself
Stage 37: The Fifth Commandment
Stage 38: How To Save A Life
Stage 39: Aren't We All Lost Stars?
Stage 40: Seeking What We Lost
Allow Me To Finish What I Started
Stage 41: 100,000 "Kranes" For Umma
Stage 42: The 'Gyopo' Experience
Stage 43: Experience > Definition
Stage 44: We Are Self-Defined
Stage 45: Priceless
Final Stage: We Are Adopted

The Gyopo Experience

An art collaboration and collection of 58 Korean-Adoptee participants, who each represent a side of history that has been silenced and shunned. Allow yourself to walk through their experiences, heed to their thoughts, and acknowledge our existence. Each Stage represents a part of the project timeline! PLEASE SHARE!!!! 

*Prints Available: Please fill out contact form for more details on print purchases* 

GYOPO - A Korean lexicon (also spelled, kyopo) used to define a native Korean who permanently resides in another country or land other than one of the two Koreas. However, if a gyopo returns to Korea, this one will lose his/her gyopo "status." There are several variations to the lexicon gyopo. For example, by adding the prefix "jemi" indicates that this gyopo resides in the United States. By adding the prefix "jeil" indicates that this gyopo resides in Japan. Korean-Americans (Koreans born in the U.S.) or any other Korean born in another country or land other than one of the two Koreas, are commonly termed as gyopos. This is incorrect, as gyopos are native Koreans who have left their homeland.


Project Completion: 2017