Gyopo Experience Board 2 Art Print

Dimensions are: 10 x 30 inches (standard skateboard popsicle deck size)

Printed on high quality professional grade paper


A social justice experiment/project which was started in the Spring of 2016 and was completed by the Fall 2017. This board features 29 adoptees in the first installment of the project. Each portrait was hand drawn and their baby photo (from their adoption case file) provided by Korean ADoptees (KADs) who volunteered to participate in the project. 


The Gyopo Experience // Gyopo (교포) (n.) a native Korean who permanently resides in another country or land other than one of the two Koreas. 


"Why a skateboard?" 

Caleb grew up around skateboard culture and always appreciated skateboard art. When skateboard graphics wore off the deck, Caleb would redesign a new graphic onto his skateboards. It was the perfect way to show case one's artwork where ever you go! Besides, it's a lot easier/normal to walk around a city with artwork on a skateboard deck than to have to carry your artwork in a glass frame. 

The Gyopo Experience Board 2 Print

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