Taegukgi Flag (태극기) Re-Illustrated Print

Dimensions are: 24 x 36 inches (Poster size)

Printed on high quality professional grade paper


Original caption read:

Not only is the flag of South Korea one of the most unique designs in the world, but the design actually has significant symbolism.

The color of white symbolizes purity and peace, as well as, unity and government
The circle in the middle represents yin-yang – or balance in the universe. Illustrated as a Korean couple wearing traditional 한복 (hanbok). Each outfit depicts the positive and negative aspects of the yin-yang with blue and red, each of which balances the other out.

The trigrams (three bars) together represent harmony and movement. Each individual trigram also has its own meaning. Each is symbolic of a celestial body – sun, heaven, earth, and water – as well as virtues including humanity, justice, intelligence and courtesy.

Taegukgi Flag Re-illustrated Print

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