Emotional Heredity Art Print Set

Dimensions are: 16 x 20 inches per print

Printed on high quality professional grade paper


This set was created in February 2019 as a tribute to my Omma (엄마) and Appa (아빠) my birth parents, whom I never known or met. The inspiration for this piece came from the wonderment of my Korean genealogy as I contemplated what features I inherited from my birth parents. Due to unknown information, I gave these two individuals a mask to hold as a symbol of hiddenness. The faces were left blank because it is my imagination that allows me to imagine whom I look like more and whose features do I embody? 


Original caption read: 

I am made and continuously remade. Different people draw different words from me


Female caption read:

Emotional Predictions // “Then the day comes, she gives birth to a son [Jun, Young Ho], soon she holds and kisses her love. Wishing it never ended, taking a mental picture, Hoping through the tears that her son would have a better future...I wonder if there’s a smile on your face” by GOWE ft. Erin Kim - I Wonder // This birthday felt different this year. My attempt to search for my birth mom in South Korea last year presented me with some clarity and angst. My birthmother (Jun, Sun Joo) is alive and living in Korea; however, my existence continues to riddle her as she does not know that I’ve been trying to look for her. Replacing fantasy with truth can heal; though it cannot cure. Perhaps one day I may be able to put her anxious mind to rest, but until then, let this day continue to be a Day of Remembrance. 


Male caption read:

Faceless Testimony // “In a moment I’ll be gone, leave it all behind. Now I don’t know how long - this is my goodbye. Maybe once I’ll see your face, maybe once you will see mine. Falling away my fears erased, this is my time. This is my flight - I’m moving on.” - GOWE ft. Travis Atreo // A complimentary piece to my original “Emotional Predictions” piece - a mirror and tribute to the man who’s the other half of my embodiment. I almost never think about this man but I wonder if he ever knew about me. In the meantime, let him remain as I remember him - anonymous and nameless. 

Emotional Heredity - Couple Print

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