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#I AM Adoptee

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

On April 13th, 2019, I attended the Celia Arts Festival at the Highways Performance and Art gallery in Santa Monica, CA as a contributing artist and adoptee. During the show, numerous adoptees and festival goers connected with me as they all asked various questions related to my work! A sense of nervousness and anticipation overcame my body as I felt chills of excitement flowing through my veins. My gaze transfixed upon the gallery of artwork penned and painted by many adoptees. We remain inclusive as adoptee artists because through our work, we continue to "adopt resiliency, in order to foster the spirit of our creativity." After an evening of wonderful performances put on by artists such as Jeanette Yoffe, Julayne Lee, and other supportive performers who shared their adoptee narrative, I felt a sense of unity and appreciation for everyone who continue to create and tell their stories in their own ways.

Check out some photos from the exhibition, as well as, this article by Argonaut News, during which I was interviewed briefly as a contributing artist to this piece of writing! Note, you can see one of my most popular art pieces on the front page, Tears in Heaven.

Thank you for reading! I don't normally do a lot of blog posts but I'll keep trying haha! #IAMAdoptee #ArgonautNews #CalebYeeArtwork #AdopteeArtist #CeliaFestival2019 #DrawItInYourStyle

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