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Meet The Artist

Express Yourself Honestly


My name is Caleb Yee and I am a Korean-American based artist (located in Southern California) and I come from an adoption background. My creative process for my art pieces, designs, and styles are heavily influenced by an array of personal experiences from my adoption upbringing, interactions with other people, and day to day experiences around my community. Additionally, my creative styles take on many shapes and forms based on the mediums that I use; paint, pencil, ink, carpentry, and photography. My hope is that each piece I create takes you on a journey that allows you to peer into my thought process, vision, and personal story. 

The vision that I carry for my artwork is to inspire others to speak up on social justice matters, personal convictions, and their creative worldview. In order to carry out my vision, my vivid imagination propels me to create art pieces that provoke ambiguous responses in my audience and invite them to look through my creative lenses. When you step into my creative space, I hope that it will challenge you to to comprehend something different - another person’s perspective.

If you are into a creative outlet, feel free to connect with me via the Contact form or through the website forum! I love meeting artists of all levels and would like to find out what your creative process is! I believe that everyone has a creative side and is capable of exploring various forms of arts (media, performance, visual, auditory, and fine arts). Let us all keep creating in our artistic endeavors!

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